Month: October 2014


Quinoa Stuffed Squash!

Every great recipe starts with great ingredients. Everyone knows that the best of those ingredients are fresh, local, and if possible straight from your garden! It’s harvest season and with that comes a surplus of veggies like squash, onions and peppers. We thought we would help you out with an AWESOME fall recipe for: Sausage […]


New Friends in the Freedom City

Unless you’re a robot, you probably have a soft spot somewhere in your heart for plants. There may be plants that you don’t like. Posion Ivy, and Stinging Nettles can be a pain. Mowing the lawn takes precious time out of your day and those gardens won’t plant themselves. All of that might be true, but […]


The Plant Explorers!

We have the great opportunity to meet a lot of people from all over the world through the course of creating and promoting GrowIt! It’s the interactions with different people that really show me how GrowIt! Is making a difference. Since I was young, my favorite thing in the world has been to meet interesting […]

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