Month: April 2016

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#PolliNATION – Find Great Pollinators for Your Region

As we shared in a previous post, GrowIt! partnered with the National Pollinator Garden Network to register one million pollinator gardens. Register your pollinators by adding photos with #PolliNATION to GrowIt!. Want to participate, but wonder what to plant to contribute to the campaign? Check out the regional guide the Pollinator Partnership and NAPPC published […]

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Gnomes, Owls, and Fairies — Oh My!

Member Spotlight: This is a guest post by GrowIt! member Dawn Mamatas. Dawn lives and gardens in Mid-Missouri, Zone 6A. Check out her plethora of plants (trees, flowers, herbs, succulents) by following Dawn (tap from mobile) on GrowIt!. —————- One of my favorite gardening activities is creating terrariums. My daughter and I make them in […]

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Join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

The GrowIt! community is a National Pollinator Garden Network partner, working to build awareness and register one million pollinator gardens to support the health of bees, butterflies, birds, and bats. Bees pollinate one-third of our food crops, yet pollinators are at a critical point in their survival. Join the movement. As of June 2017, our community has […]

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6 Steps to Grow Your Own Pineapple

Member spotlight: This is a guest post by GrowIt! member Sarah Clarke. Sarah grows herbs, plants, and fruits and veggies in southeast Texas. Check out all of her plants (and adorable cat) by following Sarah (tap from mobile) on GrowIt!. ————- Would you like to grow a pineapple in your backyard? Follow these six steps […]

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