Month: July 2016

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Echinacea as Preventative Care for Common Cold

Member Spotlight: This is a guest blog with GrowIt! member Charles Fuller. Charles is the father of 5 daughters. He grows herbs, vegetables, and flowers on his property in Mississippi. Check them all out by following (tap from mobile) Charles on GrowIt!. Echinacea as preventative care I grow Echinacea and harvest it for medicinal tea. […]

Passion Plants

Lillies: Easter vs Asiatic vs Oriental

Over the past couple months GrowIt! users shared photos of various lilies: Easter, Asiatic, and Oriental. However, we have noticed that many lilies were often mislabeled for one another. We hope that the photo examples that outline the characteristics of each lily type will help users better identify their lilies.   Easter Lily (Lilium longiflorum): white […]

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