Month: June 2017

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GrowIt! Guides: How to Add a Photo / Get a Plant Identified

Plants can be confusing, but GrowIt! aims to help. Don’t squash your dreams if you find yourself struggling. Find help from the GrowIt! Guides: Inspire others with your stunning blooms! Get started on GrowIt! by adding your first plant photo.   Does a plant have you puzzled? One of the main reasons members join the community is […]

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Why Mass Plantings Are Beautiful

Member Spotlight: This is a guest post re-published from GrowIt! community member @daisy96’s blog “Sienna Mae Heath’s Writing: The Art of Savoring Time.” Check out all of her posts and subscribe to her blog here. Connect with her on GrowIt! here. (tap from mobile) ————————————————————————————————— Considering my last post summarized a flurry of experiences, let’s […]

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