Month: November 2017

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How do I start composting?

We noticed a trending topic in the GrowIt! Q&A — composting. And since we’ll soon be transferring pumpkins off the front stoop, let’s keep them out of the trash. It’s the perfect time to start a compost bin to feed your garden. What are the benefits of composting? Member @kgkamka5 credits her compost of “coffee grounds, […]

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Garden Gratitude

Member Spotlight: This is a guest post re-published from GrowIt! community member @daisy96’s blog “Sienna Mae Heath’s Writing: Mindful Gardening.” Check out all of her posts and subscribe to her blog here. Connect with her on GrowIt! here. (tap from mobile). May this post inspire your herb garden. ————————————————————————————————— I’m counting my blessings today. Maybe all this […]

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