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Throwback: Recap of the 2018 Chicago Flower Show

We followed the yellow brick road right into the Subaru sponsored garden at this year’s Chicago Flower & Garden Show. The 2018 theme was “FlowerTales, Every Garden Has A Story To Tell” and it spotlighted all of the unique stories that inspire our city and it’s diverse communities. The show included 18 gardens, three vignettes, […]

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Chicago Flower 2018: Tablescape Designer

Member Spotlight: This is a guest post from GrowIt! community member @mustmeetamanda who is an Event Planning student and participated in the 2018 Chicago Flower & Garden Show Tablescapes competition. Connect with her on GrowIt! here. (tap from mobile).  ————————————————————————————————— Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda Fowler-Arias and I am an Event Planning student at Kendall […]

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Chicago Flower Show 2018: Designer Spotlight

 “FLOWERTALES: Every Garden Has a Story to Tell,” features 20+ gardens interpreting the unique role flowers and plants play in the stories of our lives and literature. The show runs from Wednesday, March 14 through Sunday, March 18, 2018 at Navy Pier in Chicago.   Tuesday night is the special charity preview, Evening in Bloom. […]

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5 Reasons to attend the Chicago Flower & Garden Show

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show kicks off March 14 and runs through March 18 at Navy Pier. And we have 5 reasons you need to get there! 1) Take the GrowIt! Tours To-Go. Access planting and care instructions for all of the show plants, get behind-the-scenes information on the gardens and take the show […]

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Tips for Growing Carnivorous Plants

Member Spotlight: This is a guest blog post by GrowIt! member Patrick Urbanski. Patrick grows multiple carnivorous plants including sundews, venus flytraps, and pitcher plants, near Lake Oswego, Oregon. He also grows a variety of other plants ranging from Petunias to Heliotropes. You can connect with Patrick and all his plants by following him (tap […]

Flower Show How I did it Member Spotlight Passion People Plants

A Conversation with Susan Fox

Member Spotlight: This is a member interview with GrowIt! member Susan Fox. As an avid gardener, speaker, and Consulting Rosarian, she is dedicated to sharing knowledge, particularly the planting and care of roses. Connect with Susan by following her (tap from mobile) on GrowIt! and checking out her blog Gaga’s Garden.   Q. What is […]

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Follow Your Favorite Gardens

GrowIt!’s Chicago Flower and Garden Show integration was the first mobile app enhancement of any marque flower show. The 2016 flower show celebrated all “Chicago Is” and included gardens, art, and culinary tastings that captured the architecture, culture, and cuisine that is Chicago. And though the show concluded, the inspiration is not lost — find […]

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