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Why Mass Plantings Are Beautiful

Member Spotlight: This is a guest post re-published from GrowIt! community member @daisy96’s blog “Sienna Mae Heath’s Writing: The Art of Savoring Time.” Check out all of her posts and subscribe to her blog here. Connect with her on GrowIt! here. (tap from mobile) ————————————————————————————————— Considering my last post summarized a flurry of experiences, let’s […]

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7 Highest Rated Plants on GrowIt! in 2015

GrowIt! users contributed more than 500,000 plant ratings in GrowIt! this year. Out of the thousands of types of plants shared in the community — these were the highest rated: 1. Daylily Daylilies are ideal for cutting and can last a couple of weeks in a vase. In the garden, they bloom all season and […]


Power Picks – Container Edition

Ding Ding Ding! It’s time for Round Two! In our last post you learned what plants Seth and I consider to be top performers in the yard. You also had the chance to see how Seth clearly isn’t as refined in his plant selections as I am. It’s ok we still love him. Now we’re […]


Power Picks – Yard/Landscape Edition

At GrowIt! we see a lot of plants. I mean A LOT of plants. Seth and I literally travel the country to see plants. If we’re not checking out plant photos on the app, we’re out in the garden taking photos of our own. Over the last year, one thing has become clear. Everyone has […]

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