#PolliNATION – Find Great Pollinators for Your Region

#PolliNATION – Find Great Pollinators for Your Region

As we shared in a previous post, GrowIt! partnered with the National Pollinator Garden Network to register one million pollinator gardens. Register your pollinators by adding photos with #PolliNATION to GrowIt!.

Want to participate, but wonder what to plant to contribute to the campaign? Check out the regional guide the Pollinator Partnership and NAPPC published by entering your zip code here. The resource includes recommendations for trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, and crops. It introduces you to all of the hardworking pollinators – birds, bees, beetles, bats, butterflies, moths, flies, and bats and segments plants by which visitor you can expect.

Once you plant your selections, share your progress with the GrowIt! community.

Here are a few of our favorite pollinator plants added to the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge registry from GrowIt!.
Pollinator - carissad
Photo cred – carissad
Pollinator - deekauf
Photo cred – deekauf
Pollinator - incarnadyne2
Photo cred – incarnadyne
Pollinator - Jamie
Photo cred – jamie
Pollinator - lchavana
Photo cred – lchavana
Pollinator - mdsheal
Photo cred – mdsheal
Pollinator - somethumb
Photo cred – somethumb
pollinator - srjv
Photo cred – srjv

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