Easy-care Houseplant or Outdoor Container Plant — Alocasia aka Elephant Ear (6-inch w/ planter s+h included)



6-inch Alocasia aka Elephant Ear houseplant in a black matte ceramic planter (shipping and handling included)

This easy-care plant pleases everywhere — indoors, outdoor containers, and outdoors in beautiful shady borders, woodland gardens, or waterside. Most notably (in our opinion) as a thrilling specimen in a mixed container or standing alone. It’s not often a foliage plant can carry its own. This particular variety is a mysterious, dark color with white veins in a sharp arrowhead shape, as a result, it is a handsome addition to any space. Consequently, it’s one of the highest rated plants on GrowIt!

The GrowIt! community mission is to connect, educate, and inspire people to dig plants. You can see how the ‘elephant ear’ leaves thrill! Check out a few of our favorite Alocasia plants shared by GrowIt! community members.

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