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Marengo, OH –Air Plant Beach

It’s cold outside, so come out to Groovy Plants Ranch to beat the winter blues. Make a beach terrarium and think about warmer days ahead. In this class, you will be guided through making a sunny air plant terrarium. Liz will make sure you have the tools to keep your air plants happy once you […]

Portland, OR — Moss Pole Plant Stake Tutorial

Moss Pole Plant Stake Tutorial –with Tiffany Garner Large vining house plants like monsteras and philodendrons are natural climbers and prefer to grow on other plants in their tropical habitats. Providing a good support system for them in your home will reward you with larger leaves and a healthier plant. In this hour long class […]


Create your very own porch pot arrangement with our proven formula and expert instruction! For this workshop we do only greenery, no decorations. You are free to decorate as you wish with an assortment of decorations that are available for purchase separately. Included: biodegradable pot, Spruce top, Oregonia, White Pine, Frasier Fir, and Variegated Cedar

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Garden-inspired art: Keep your garden year round!

Member Spotlight: This is a guest blog with GrowIt! member Mary Ellen Sanger. Mary Ellen moved from Manhattan to the wide-open spaces of Colorado. She loves sharing her photos with the GrowIt! community and transforming her images into beautiful artwork. Connect with Mary Ellen (tap from mobile) on GrowIt!. My first summer gardening in Colorado […]

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Power Picks – Indoor Plants

8/13/18 — And here’s an update on our favorite plants for indoors. Check out these gorgeous plant babies and get them delivered to your door: https://blog.growitmobile.com/inspiration-delivered ————————————- It’s The FINAL COUNTDOWN! Duh duh duh da da da………. Yesterday Seth and I unleashed our top plant picks for the yard and for containers. By no means are […]


Power Picks – Yard/Landscape Edition

At GrowIt! we see a lot of plants. I mean A LOT of plants. Seth and I literally travel the country to see plants. If we’re not checking out plant photos on the app, we’re out in the garden taking photos of our own. Over the last year, one thing has become clear. Everyone has […]


It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That!

Over the past weekend we were invited to be a part of Chalet Nursery’s Garden Faire event in Wilmette, Illinois. The first weekend in May is the grand opening of spring in the Midwest. When we showed up to the garden center, it was about a quarter to eight in the morning and there was […]


More Than Poinsettias!

Trying to do the whole Christmas plant thing this year? Well here’s the scoop. Believe it or not you actually have options! For years the go-to has always been Poinsettias. Classic Red, Pink, and White used to be the only varieties that you could find, but these days you can get them in just about […]


Guest Blog: DIY Gourd Lamp by Plant Jungle

Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. You have plenty of fantastic gourds left over but what do you do? Today we have a guest blogger with the perfect answer to this question. Megan Evans on behalf of Plant Jungle in Utah, details how to turn plain old gourds into stunning works of art. […]

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