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What are the best plants for fall? #AutumnBlooms

What are the best plants for fall? This post will walk you through some vibrant selections for fall plants. Though the first official day of fall is fast approaching, the bright blooms of plants don’t need to die off with summer. There are vibrant plants of all colors ready to brighten up your balcony, front […]

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Montessori Students Growing with their Garden

Member Spotlight: This is a guest blog from the Rawald family. They live in Texas and leverage the GrowIt! community as part of their Montessori curriculum. Most of their posts are from their 9-year-old daughter. Connect with gardenchild (tap from mobile) on GrowIt!. ————————————————————————————————— Hi! We are the Rawald family. My husband and I have […]

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Plan Now for a Fall Harvest

Partner Spotlight: This is a re-published post from our friends at KidsGardening.org. KidsGardening.org creates opportunities for kids to learn through gardening. We partnered with KidsGardening.org and other mission-driven organizations to register pollinator gardens for the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. A fall harvest will help our pollinating friends. Assistant Professor Deborah Delany at University of Delaware, […]


Plants to go with Pumpkin Spice

Here in Chicago the high temps are in the fifties all week. It appears that we’re getting our first real dose of fall. It seems about the right time. Maybe even a little later than some years. That means it’s time to pick up that Pumpkin Spice Latte, slide on the Uggs, and pull out […]


Power Picks – Container Edition

Ding Ding Ding! It’s time for Round Two! In our last post you learned what plants Seth and I consider to be top performers in the yard. You also had the chance to see how Seth clearly isn’t as refined in his plant selections as I am. It’s ok we still love him. Now we’re […]

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